I get quite a few questions and thought a page here would help to answer some of them. 

Where are your masks made?

Proudly made in the USA by an artist and a statistician. We live in Texas sometimes and sometimes in Montana. (Currently in Montana)

Are the masks on your site in stock?

Yes! We don't list them until they are done. They are finished and ready to ship.

What are they made from?

100% quilters cotton. Some older stock has prints purchased from big craft stores, but most of our masks are made from fabrics purchased from small mom and pop quilt shops. In the limited studies I have found and read, the 100% cotton has the best performance in tests being done.

What makes your masks better than others? 

I have been sewing and designing most of my life.. I have worked to perfect the patterns I use to provide the best fit possible. The CDC recommends that masks be well fitted to the face.  They also feature a sewn in wire in the nose to further enhance the fit. The elastic is designed to go around the head rather than over the ears, providing a much more comfortable fit. The masks also feature a filter pocket so that you can add filter material of your choice for increased protection.

How do I wear the mask?

I have a video you can watch here that details how to put masks on and how to take them off.

What size mask do I need?

We all have different face sizes and shapes. Our masks are currently available in 3 sizes:

  • Small - designed to fit older children (roughly 7 to 13 year olds) and/or adult females with a more slender face.
  • Medium - will fit most teenagers (male or female, most adult women with average sized heads, and adult males with slender faces.
  • Large - will fit most adult males with average sized heads and some females with larger heads/faces/jawline.

I suggest this as a guideline: when you buy hats if the off the rack average sized hat for your gender then go with the size stated above. If the hat is too big go one size smaller, if hats are too large go one size bigger (sorry guys I am working on an XL size to be up soon!)

 How can I contact you? 

By email 

By Phone or Text: 1-806-370-0608