Never in my life

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Right now we could play an interesting game of "Never in my life", and oddly enough many of our answers would be similar- never in my life did I think we would all be required to stay home world wide, or - never in my life did I imagine we would see toilet paper hoarding that made the turn of the century toilet paper hoarding look like child's play.

Right now though the biggest never in my life is likely this - never in my life did I think I would see a shortage of fabrics on the market, or elastic, or sewing needles. But here we are, smack dab in the middle of the apocalypse that every quilter and seamstress has been preparing for years for with collections of fabric and motions that we had great Intentions for but never really thought we would be able to use in our lifetimes.

And never in my life did I think I would burn through the bulk of that stash so quickly and need to replace it to keep sewing for a cause.  

And never in my life did I imagine I would see order after order of fabric cancelled due to being sold out, yet I have attempted to purchase over 200 yards of fabric and have had 99% of that cancelled by the shops I tried ordering from. 

Part of me finds this amazing because I envision and imagine other insane people out there spending all their waking hours trying to make as many masks as they can to help their communities, and part of me fears they are being bought to hoard like all the rest of the ridiculous hoarding happening.  But I would rather believe that creative people have a natural propensity towards wanting to help, towards wanting to create solutions. And as a creative who lives with that in my heart, I have decided that is what I am going to believe. 

And for those that may be just hoarding for the sake of hoarding, consider donating your fabrics to some of the groups that are trying to do the right things within the communities around the world. 

But there are other never in my life moments happening right now too- never in my life did I imagine the amount of kindness I have witnessed amongst strangers,  never in my life did I think I would see so many people come together in such a separate way. Never in my life did I think I would read so many positive and uplifting things, or moments of encouraging support amongst the people in this world.  Never in my life did I believe I would see such a humbling show of humanity of humans toward other humans. 

And for that I am grateful to be alive right now. For that I am thankful that even though this is a scary time for us all, I am thankful to witness such love and compassion for our fellow man., and such a concerted effort to do what we can to protect not only ourselves but the other people around us, even the ones that we don't know personally.  And there is necessity in that, in taking a moment to appreciate the beauty in the humanity, esp. In times like this.

Stay safe and healthy

Much love to you all - April


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