Homemade vs Handmade - what is the difference?

Posted by April Doyal on

There are a lot of terms that can easily become confused lately, and in light of COVID-19 and the recommendations to cover our faces, the terms Homemade and Handmade (or Home Made and Hand Made) are becoming a little jumbled.  

Handmade vs Homemade face coverings

Homemade most often refers to something made at home with little to no skill either involved or required, whereas Handmade most often refers to something that is artisan made by a skilled craftsperson.  The difference is very visible when presented two items one that is homemade and one that is handmade. 

Home made frequently references something where the love it was made with means more than the quality of the finished product.  Handmade frequently infers a reference to the skill level of the craftsperson that has created the item.  

When it comes to fabric face coverings you can generally tell the difference not only in how the items are made but also the materials in which they are made from.  If it's 'no-sew' from your 'old favorite t-shirt' and connects to your ears with hair elastics, chances are you are looking at a home-made mask.  If it's made from 100% cotton, has been ironed is consistent in shape and size and is comparable to what you would expect to find in a store (but with hand touched detailing or extra thought put into it) then it is likely to be handmade.  But if you have one made from upcycled materials that doesn't always mean that it is home made.  There are many very talented craftspeople that create using materials that would otherwise be wasted.  It is an eco-friendly solution to fabric sourcing that is admirable when done correctly.

So which type of fabric face covering is best?  The one that you will actually wear and take care to put on and remove properly to help prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria that may be living on the exposed surfaces.   If possible, you should look for coverings that are 100% cotton and that can handle the heat of being washed and dried without coming out looking like a hot mess.  Sturdier fabrics are better than ones that have no weight to them.  And this applies whether your mask is handmade or homemade.  


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