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It is a scary time right now, and understandably so. In the history of man we have never been faced with anything like we are all dealing with now. It was easy for me to turn to seeing, it's a second nature thing for me and something I find great comfort in doing. Some people find their zen space in yoga, I find mine in the gentle humming of my sewing machine.

I know not everyone could make as many masks as I have set my goal to be, and the goal of 1000 masks is quite high for a single seamstress, working just by myself I can make around 100 in a day (that is working pretty nonstop all day) but I am blessed with the most helpful husband on the face of the planet, he helps me with all the extra things that go along with the sewing.  He has prepared the wires for the nose pieces, cut all the elastic, he helps me cut apart the piles of sewn pieces at the end of the night and helps me cut things out so that reaching the goal becomes a more realistic goal. He even helps to pack all the orders up to mail them out. Life is better with a partner that wants to help you achieve your goals even when they are a little insane.

As of this moment I have sewn up over 300 masks and have 426 waiting to be sewn up tomorrow. And another 160 that need their linings cut out, with what we have cut and ready to be finished we are at 860 in some stage of finishing of the goal of 1000.  Many have been donated, many have been sewn and I really think there is a chance we can exceed the goal we have set, and honestly a week ago I wasnt sure we weren't insane to think we could make as many as we have.

And tonight (or in the wee hours of this morning) as I finish laying out everything to start sewing tomorrow, I count my blessings and am so thankful that I not only get to call him my partner but also my friend and biggest supporter. In unprecedented times like we are facing right now, it could be easy to end up at each other's throats but instead we are working together to see just how much impact one couple can make on the world.

I am also thankful for those that have bought masks from us and helped us keep this a realistic goal from the financial side of things. Every mask sold helps to donate more, and every mask worn helps flatten the curve.

Much love to you all! - April



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